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Conceptul Montignac

(Material in curs de traducere).

Metoda Montignac este rezultatul a ani de cercetare si testare. Reprezinta sinteza a numeroase articole publicate inca din 1980 si a rezultatelor testelor realizate de Michel Montignac impreuna cu un grup de medici si cercetatori.

Metoda Montignac nu este o dieta

Metoda Montignac nu este o dieta in intelesul traditional al cuvantului. O dieta reprezinta limitarea cantitatii de hrana consumate, lucru realizabil doar pe o perioada relativ scurta de timp.
Metoda Montignac nu limiteaza cantitatea de hrana consumata. Ea reprezinta un mod echilibrat de consum, alegand alimente din fiecare categorie: carbohidrati, grasimi si proteine. Ar trebui sa alegem hrana tinand cont de natura nutritionala (caracteristicile fizico-chimice) si al potentialului ei de a nu ne produce cresteri in greutate,  afectiuni diabetice sau cardiace.
Chiar si in cazul in care avem una din aceste probleme de sanatate, metoda Montignac reduce aceste afectiuni, lucru deja dovedit stiintific.


Metoda Montignac ne invata cum sa atingem aceste obiective:

  • Sa scadem in greutate

  • Sa prevenim cresterea in greutate
  • Sa prevenim diabetul de tip II
  • Sa reducem riscurile cardiace.

Cele doua principii importante ale Metodei Montignac:

The first principle is to overcome conditioning arising from misguided messages which tell us that calories are what make us gain weight. This belief, despite its proven failure is unfortunately still widespread and preached by many dieticians

The second principle is to eat food that is nutritious, that is to say, chosen by its nutritional value and metabolic potential.
  • The best carbohydrates are those with the lowest glycemic indexes.
  • The quality of fat foods depends on the nature of their fatty acids, as follows:
    • Polysaturated omega 3 acids (fish fat) as well as monosaturated fatty acids (olive oil) are the best choice.
    • Saturated fatty acids (butter, fat meats) are to be avoided.
  • Proteins should be chosen on the basis of their (vegetable or animal) origin, depending on how they complement each other and on if they make our bodies react by gaining weight (hyperinsulinism).

How to apply the Montignac Method

The Montignac Method is divided into two phases.
Phase I: the weight-losing phase.
This phase varies depending on the amount of excess weight to be lost.  Apart from choosing fat and protein wisely, this phase consists chiefly of eating the appropriate carbs, namely those with glycemic index ranked at 35 or lower. The goal is to eat meals that do not provoke hikes in blood sugar levels. Choosing our food wisely not only keeps our bodies from stocking fats (lipogenesis), it also activates processes which eliminate stored fats (lipolysis) by burning them as extra energy (thermogenesis).

Phase II: stabilization and prevention phase.
Carbohydrates should always be chosen by their glycemic indexes. In this phase, however, the scope to chose from is wider than in phase I. We can even enhance our ability to choose by applying a new concept, the glycemic outcome (synthesis between glycemic index and pure carbohydrate content) and the blood sugar levels which result from the meals. Under these conditons, we can eat whatever carbohydrate we want, even those with high glycemic indexes.
The Montignac Method might not be the panacea to end all evils but it is currently considered the most promising option to conventional dieting (which has basically gotten us nowhere.)
It’s a scientific method built upon a compendium of studies carried out during the past 20 years. It is also based on results, as testified by the people who have tried it, including the doctors who prescribe it.
Michel Montignac was the first (beginning in the 1990s) to propose the use of glycemic indexes to prevent and reduce obesity. Many other health experts soon followed. The Montignac Method is now part of an international school of thought validated by scientists worldwide.
Nota: Traducerea acestui material va fi adaugata in curand, desi sunt multe pagini de web in limba romana care fac referire la conceptul Montignac.

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